Here's a little about what we're up to


HYZ Group is a prestigious Sydney-based boutique developer and master builder company that was officially formed in 2013.

Accredited by the “Australian Master Builder Association’’ we have the substantial backing and support from our China-based parent company, Xianyang Yongjia Real Estate Development Company Limited, we continue its tradition of reputable and successful enterprise.

Strengthened with the foundation of nearly two decades of professional practice and a successful sequence of accomplished projects, HYZ Group offers the services of some of the best minds in the business here in Australia and Asia. HYZ Group is perfectly positioned to deliver development projects of an outstanding innovative calibre. Our business focuses on the development of new residential buildings and we are committed to providing the highest calibre quality properties in the most prosperous well-located sites. Built on experience, considered to receive healthy returns and executed with efficiency, rest assured we understand property and all its potential. With our experience across a range of different relating expertise, we understand how to capitalise on potential and maximise return for investors.

What sets HYZ Group apart is not size, but our ability to successfully deliver ambitious and well-designed properties that are the envy of the competition. With extensive business partners, suppliers and industry contacts, HYZ Group’s signature properties are making a mark on the property market for all the right reasons.


"HYZ" concept

Our strength resides in the development and construction of multi-storey/medium density projects as well as mixed commercial/residential luxury properties. Our industry relations include architects, council legislation experts, construction professionals, designers and marketing experts. We have always taken an extended view in business forging a solid path to professionalism and pervection. Our growth will be steady and strong with projects secured by elegance, practicality and affordability with the finest finishes. 

Foreseeing the unstoppable demand from Sydney‘s insatiable population needs, we find the up most satisfaction creating home’s to be lived in and create one’s individual memories. By carefully selecting each site, drawing on our experience and commercial partnerships we can confidently offer exceptional service that will evoke confidence, creativity and certainty.